Uganda Bar

After a long time of being down and forgotten, we have restored our shop in Jerusalem and got it renovated. Uganda is the best music shop for all the alternative and Indie and Alternative music lovers in Jerusalem and Israel.

You can now visit our renovated place in Jerusalem and also come to our new TLV establishment. You will find good food, beers and alcohol, great people and of course quality music, night in and night out.

Please note that this website is currently under the radar and is under testing. For the latest news about Uganda Bar along with updates of our store you can visit the currently live site here.

We would also like to pay a loud thank you to our renovator of the facilities and the help in establishing the Tel-Aviv facility, The company of Modiin Plumbing. They have put in tremendous effort and have done an amazing job with the place, so again… Thank you!

Until the time this website comes live, please keep up with us in the main website.

The team